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Fall is arguably one of the most beautiful seasons of the year! It boasts gorgeous colors, cool, crisp, refreshing air, seasonal activities and pumpkin spice lattes 😊

With mother nature already setting the stage with fall colors, invoking a fun and festive atmosphere, we need only provide accompaniments to the natural beauty already there.

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Topics: Plants, Flowers and Seasonal Color, Enhancements & Add-On Services, landscape design

Flowers and Annual Color


It’s true that first encounters, create lasting impressions. For commercial properties, flowers and annual color add a vibrant and beautiful tone to your landscape that refreshes the environment and enhances curb appeal.

With spring quickly approaching, it’s important to plan for annual flowers in advance. Here are 4 steps that’ll make sure your property stays beautiful from April to fall.

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Topics: Landscape Maintenance, Plants, Flowers and Seasonal Color

Are Perennials The Best Option for Adding Color to Your Property?

Spring has arrived, and here at Schill we’re getting lots of calls from property managers who want to make sure their properties pop with color. For these people, flowering annuals are often the first thing that come to mind. However, we like to remind everyone that it’s important not to overlook other plants that will be here long after the season is finished. Even though perennials are often seen as filler plants, they can be stunning on their own or when layered with annuals. But their visual impact is only the tip of the iceberg. In this article, you’ll also learn how perennials can help you save money and the environment.

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Topics: Landscape Maintenance, Plants, Flowers and Seasonal Color

Five Strategies for Spring Color that Maximize Your Property Value and Budget

Your landscape is an asset. What are you doing this season to enhance your commercial property’s curb appeal and maintain its quality, health and overall appearance? Spring color can accomplish these goals and gives your property a noticeable, differentiating “pop” that will take you from spring well into summer and beyond, if you select the right plants.

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Topics: Landscape Maintenance, Flowers and Seasonal Color

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