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3 Tips For Creating Eye-Catching Fall & Winter Landscapes

Posted by Tanya Shephard on Dec 13, 2023 4:44:56 PM
Tanya Shephard

Fall colors

Fall is arguably one of the most beautiful seasons of the year! It boasts gorgeous colors, cool, crisp, refreshing air, seasonal activities and pumpkin spice lattes 😊

With Mother Nature already setting the stage with fall colors, invoking a fun and festive atmosphere, we need only provide accompaniments to the natural beauty already there with our fall and winter landscaping.

At Schill Grounds Management, fall is one of our favorite times of year as we not only get to enjoy the spirit of the season but also, help usher it in with landscaping design and enhancements. We love creating beautiful fall and winter displays for our commercial property clients and their customers. So, if you’re ready to create your seasonal displays, here are three fall and winter landscaping ideas.

Fall Plants & Decor

fall landscaping arrangement with mums and pumpkins

Fall is an opportunity to benefit from the most beloved season of the year by complimenting the natural aesthetic of the season. Take a cue from the colors in nature and decorate with Mums, Kale, Pansies and Cornstalks to make your landscapes warm and inviting. 

Cornstalks and pumpkins are a sure indicator of seasons changing from summer to fall. Mixed with an arrangement of a variety of mums and other annual flowers, you’ll have a complete fall arrangement.

Mums are a seasonal favorite and are available in a variety of blooms. Displays consist of arrangements in landscape beds, stand-alone focal pieces in containers or mixed with other seasonal colors.

Plants in containers can complement, soften, and add color and elegance to entryways and patios.

You can have fun with mums by mixing and matching colors with other accents for colorful displays, or you can make them the focal point, using standalone pots as a bold statement.

Winter Plants & Arrangements

fall winter plants in a pot in front of commercial building

While fall might be America’s favorite season, Christmas is its favorite holiday! Winter landscaping creates an opportunity to capitalize on the holiday spirit. 

Plants such as Evergreens give off a cheerful, magical aura, almost like a wonderland amid an otherwise cold and monotonous winter. Their bold presence in contrast with a dull and colorless backdrop, bring cheer and variety to your landscape.

You can add vibrant berries, colorful bulbs and other interesting elements to enhance your displays. Honestly, the possibilities are endless!

Pansies and violas are perfect for winter landscaping displays. Not only do they provide a rich and vibrant color, they’re able to bloom throughout the fall, survive winter frost and bloom again in spring! Not all varieties are guaranteed to survive, so do your research before ordering.

Best Time To Order Fall & Winter Plant Arrangements

woman ordering fall winter plant arrangements online

Because of limited quantities, the best time to pre-order materials and plants for your fall and winter arrangements is now. Suppliers carefully determine inventory, so as to not overstock, freeing up greenhouse space during winter months.

Materials are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so waiting can lead to limited options and increased pricing if demand increases. Your best option is to pre-order and lock in your plant materials now to avoid shortages and overpaying.

Make this season one to remember! Customers, residents and tenants will love the cheerful atmosphere created by your fall and winter landscaping arrangements.

Let our team award-winning team customize your commercial property's seasonal display this fall and winter season. Contact a Schill client care specialist today to learn more about enhancement programs at 440.641.2041, or fill out this contact form. 

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