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Jim Schill

Jim Schill has had a long career in the commercial landscaping industry. After graduating from Malone University with a B.S. in Business Management, he brought his business and sales expertise to Schill. With extensive experience in sales and operations — including the Sandler Training program — Jim has helped Schill reach new clients and customers throughout the Cleveland market. Jim is a former Board member of the Ohio Landscapers Association (OLA).
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Recent Posts

Flowers and Annual Color


It’s true that first encounters, create lasting impressions. For commercial properties, flowers and annual color add a vibrant and beautiful tone to your landscape that refreshes the environment and enhances curb appeal.

With spring quickly approaching, it’s important to plan for annual flowers in advance. Here are 4 steps that’ll make sure your property stays beautiful from April to fall.

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Topics: Landscape Maintenance, Plants, Flowers and Seasonal Color

Have a Professional Company Handle Your Holiday Lighting and Decor

As the weather turns colder and the days grow shorter, holiday lighting and decorations will soon start popping up on commercial properties throughout Cleveland and beyond.

Here at Schill Grounds Management, we’ve installed holiday décor everywhere from major retail parks to senior living facilities, so we know what it takes to make landscapes and buildings look their best in a safe and festive manner. Because we love to spread holiday cheer, we wrote this article to help you avoid some common mistakes that people make when decorating for the holidays and to let you know what you might be missing if you decide not to use professionals for your installation.

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Topics: Snow and Ice Removal, Landscape Maintenance, Enhancements & Add-On Services

Everything You Need To Know About Snow Subcontractors

Winter is coming, and the Schill team is busy getting prepared for whatever may come. Part of that preparation means partnering with other great companies in the area to make sure that we have the equipment and labor force to tackle winter weather the right way.

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Topics: Snow and Ice Removal

3 Ways to prune a tree or shrub

Even through our crews  maintain well over a thousand trees and shrubs on the commercial properties we service, many of our customers in HOA and condo communities like to do basic maintenance like pruning themselves. Gardening has a ton of mental and physical health benefits, so we at Schill encourage this whole-heartedly. But if you look online or even skim a few horticultural textbooks, you’ll notice a variety of different meanings for the same pruning techniques. It’s a troubling trend that can easily mean confusion for novice gardeners, but more worryingly, it can lead to improper pruning techniques that can ultimately harm plants.  

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Topics: Landscape Maintenance, Plants

4 Steps to Salvage Your Turf Before Winter Hits

After the summer we’ve had, the fact we’re less than a week away from fall might come as good news for many of you (and your exhausted landscapes).

We realize not every commercial property in Northeast Ohio is fully irrigated. If that rings true for you, this summer’s minimal rainfall and 90-degree days most likely took its toll on your turf by way of drought stress. To say things were a little on the dry side would be putting it mildly, right?

Whether you’ve run an aggressive irrigation schedule or no irrigation whatsoever, let’s take a closer look at the potentially damaging effects of drought stress on your grass and what it’s going to take to salvage your turf ahead of another Northeast Ohio winter.

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Topics: Sustainability, Pest, Disease, and Weed Control, Landscape Maintenance

3 Common Lawn Diseases In Northeast Ohio After Heavy Rainfall


Heavy rainfall in summer can create a breeding ground for fungal turf diseases, which love the warm, wet environment and are taking hold in commercial properties across the region. Even healthy lawns are at risk.

You can’t control what the environment does, and it’s setting the stage for lawn diseases like dollar spot, brown patch and pythium blight.

The good news is, you can identify these lawn diseases when they first appear and stop them before they cause significant damage to your turf.

That said, allow these diseases to fester and you could be reseeding areas of your lawn in the fall. Not to mention, your lawn will look like it needs a rescue squad the rest of the summer.

Properly identifying lawn diseases in Northeast Ohio can be tough. Some of these diseases look a lot alike and the triggers, which are mainly environmental, are similar.

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Topics: Landscape Maintenance

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