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Paver Patio Installation Westerville OH

Posted by Schill Grounds Management on Sep 2, 2020 9:04:00 AM
Schill Grounds Management

3 Creative Patio Design Ideas

Do you want to install a patio in your compound? Patios can make use of the open space in your compound and make them great areas for relaxing outdoors. A paver patio installation Westerville OH company can assess your compound and advise you on the best place to install a patio.

Patio Design Ideas

Patio designs have evolved over the years. There are many patio design ideas you can incorporate to have unique installations. Here are three ideas to consider:

i) Seated Walls
Instead of building a flat patio, you can build parts of the patio to include a seat wall. Doing so will add some depth to the patio. The seated wall can be done nicely with brick and stone. If you have a wooden patio, you can incorporate a seated wall later on. A seated wall patio and flat patio are similar except for where the seats will go, their sizes and how many will be needed.

ii) Built-in Fire Pit

A fire pit is also a great way to add continuity to your patio. The fire pit will also make a great place to relax with your guests. The fire pit area should be centrally placed in the patio. Before you place any bricks or stones, mark the area where the fire pit will go and where the patio will be.

iii) Garden

You can also include a garden in your patio. The patio can be built with brick pavers or stone and a part of it reserved to incorporate a small garden. A weaving garden can also be installed on the patio borders. Installing a garden will help to give your patio a natural feel.

Schill Grounds Management is one of the leading paver patio installation Westerville OH companies that can help you incorporate some of the above ideas in your outdoors.

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