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Commercial Snow Removal Tips For Property Managers

Keep your Property safe this winter

 If making sure that your property is safe for customers, tenants, and employees is your highest priority, this page has a lot of great information that will help you achieve that goal. Here, you'll find everything from an overview of what snow removal entails to explanations of what to look for in a great contractor and how to compare bids correctly.


Track in snowy landscape

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Snow Removal Basics


What Makes a Good Snow Removal Contractor?


Understanding Commercial Snow Removal Contracts


How to Hire the Best Commercial Snow Removal Contractor in Your Area




Sustainable Snow Removal Basics

Commercial snow removal is much more complicated than it seems, as many people find out when they're comparing bids and proposals. While many companies seem similar at first glance, what sets them apart is their experience and values.


If having a minimal impact on the environment is important to you, take a look at the articles below to learn more about sustainable snow removal.

What Is Sustainable Snow Removal?

The commercial snow removal industry uses thousands of tons of potentially harmful chemicals every year in the battle against snow and ice.

But is there a way to remove snow in an environmentally-friendly way?

sustainable snow removal for landscapes

We can't keep streets and walkways clear without the use of salt and chemical ice melt products, and we often get questions about which ones are safest for plants and the environmentBelow is a great article explaining the difference between salt and liquid deicer, as well as what types of properties benefit from each product.

Liquid deicer vs. salt on commercial property landscapes

Liquid Deicer Vs. Salt: 
What's Best For Commercial Properties?

Again, we can't do what we do without products like salt, brine, and liquid deicer. However, every property is different and requires a different approach.

This article will help you learn about why and when we use certain products whether you manage a large retail center, an apartment complex, or an HOA.

"Chuck In A Truck" Or A Well-Oiled Machine: What Makes A Good Snow Removal Contractor?

Now that you know a bit about what commercial snow removal entails, the next step is knowing what to look for in a reputable company. Unfortunately, this is often extremely difficult for property managers and owners because there are so many contractors to choose from, and because the barrier to entry is so low for this industry.

Unlike landscaping, which centers a lot around a property's aesthetics, snow removal is first and foremost a matter of safety. That said, choosing the wrong contractor could prove very costly in slip and fall lawsuits and other accidents.

Fortunately, there are many ways to tell if a snow removal contractor knows what they're doing. Below are our best resources to help you know what to look for.

The Best Snow Removal Contractors Communicate Well.

Snow and ice can hit at any time of the day or night, and therefore accidents can too. Make sure you can get in contact with whichever snow removal company that you use 24/7, and that you know what to expect from them during a snow storm.


Snow Contractor Best Practices

The Best Snow Removal Contractors Are ISO Certified.

ISO is a fairly new certification, but it's by far the most strenuous and difficult to achieve in our industry currently. This post further explains how property managers and owners can benefit from using an ISO certified snow removal company, as well as how to tell if their snow removal contractor is following ISO best practices.

The Best Snow Removal Contractors Are Prepared

Months before the first snow of the season, your snow removal contractor should be actively training crews on your property. Here at Schill, this starts with pre-season inspections where we identify and hazards or problem areas that might require more attention with deicer, salt, or plowing. Passing this along to our crews helps to ensure that when it does snow, our customers get the efficient service that they deserve. For more information, read this article to learn how to protect your property with a pre-season snow inspection.

Pre Season Snow Inspection

Understanding Commercial Snow Removal Contracts

Generally speaking, there are three types of snow removal contracts that are commonly found throughout the industry. But even within these three categories, there can be a wide range of variability from company to company concerning what services are typically included. Fortunately, we've listed some of our most helpful resources on snow removal contracts below to help you navigate this process.

commercial snow contract removal

Snow Contracts 101

Before you can compare commercial snow removal bids correctly, it helps to understand the 3 main types of contracts, as well as all of your options for service. Will your snow be banked or hauled? Blown or shoveled?
Will you use liquid pre-treatment or salt only?

Don't be overwhelmed! We want you to be informed, so we wrote this article on what a commercial snow removal contract includes to help you out.

Which Type Of Contract Should You Choose?

So now you know a bit more about the types of commercial contracts and the different methods we use to fight snow and ice. But every property is different and has different needs, and that can be confusing for many property managers and owners.

Luckily, this post can help if you need to know what kind of snow removal contract is best for your commercial property.

snow contract

Pulling The Trigger: How To Hire The Best Commercial Snow Removal Contractor In Your Area

Once you've done the research and have gathered your bids, it's time to choose your snow removal contractor. Above, we discussed some of the things to look for in a good snow removal contractor, but sometimes it's easier to spot what a  company shouldn't be doing rather than what they should.

Here are some things to keep an eye out for when you start the hiring process:

Snow Removal Commercial Property

Watch Out For These Signs

Signing on with a snow removal company that's unqualified can cost you if someone gets injured on your property. To help you find the best contractor in your area, we wrote this article listing the major red flags to look for when hiring a commercial snow removal company.

Summer is the best time to hire your snow removal company because it gives you the most time to collect and compare proposals, and ensures that you won't get turned away from or waitlisted by your preferred contractor. But sometimes life's hectic nature can lead to some property managers not lining up a snow management solution until much later.

Unfortunately, doing this can put your property at serious risk and cause you a lot of unnecessary stress. So, to help encourage you to hire a qualified company sooner rather than later, we wrote an article that lists some of the bad things that can happen if you wait too long to pull the trigger:

Get The Service You Deserve

You can run into serious problems if you try to hire a snow removal company last minute.

Again, we typically suggest hiring a snow removal company in summer, but if mid-fall rolls around and you're still comparing bids then you could be putting your property at risk.


Snow Contractor Guide

Want All This Great Hiring Information
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We made an eBook on how to hire the best snow removal contractor for property owners and managers like you. In addition to the information above, we cover: important questions to ask in the interview, guidelines for great communication throughout the winter season, and how to set reasonable expectations. It's FREE, so you've got nothing to lose. Download the guide today!

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