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Looking to Grow or Exit Your Business?

We’re Looking to Buy Commercial Landscaping Companies

We are actively seeking acquisitions of various sizes within the commercial landscape space in the U.S. and Canada. Our team is looking to partner with similar companies to expand our footprint while preserving the family culture for which Schill Grounds Management is known. Our strategy is not to do several acquisitions and flip them for short-term gain. Our goal is to partner with like-minded companies poised for long-term growth and success that:

  • Have great cultures
  • Are aligned with our values and goals
  • Put people at the forefront
  • Love process, order, and continuous improvement

We are operators at heart and understand the success drivers and challenges of running a successful landscape business.

Partnership Alternatives

If you’re an owner of a like-minded organization with a deeply rooted culture and business practices, we welcome the opportunity to discuss partnership alternatives, including:

  • A full sale and immediate or near-term retirement
  • A full or partial sale and longer-term transition into retirement
  • A full or partial sale where you continue to run your business “as-is.”

Advantages of Partnering With Schill

  • We provide a “home” for your employees and customers
  • We work to preserve and protect your legacy (including your company name)
  • We’re long-term oriented
  • We assist with post-transaction management
  • We provide access to a peer group of like-minded owners who have partnered with Schill. Read about our recent partnerships here.
schill landscaper plating purple flowers at commercial property
We are actively seeking to integrate with companies that are aligned with our values and goals. Our C.A.R.E. commitment guides our daily actions.
We are searching for companies with great cultures that put people at the forefront. We believe investing in employees paves the way to success.
We are targeting companies that love process, order, and continuous improvement. Exceptional landscape management providers are always identifying what they could be doing better.

A Unique Partnership Opportunity

Utilizing the financial backing of private equity, we offer business owners a gateway to an effective succession plan. Our quest to deliver an outstanding experience for our team and clients rests in our C.A.R.E. commitment: consistency, accessibility, reliability, and expertise. It’s the promise behind everything we do.

How We Put People First

Investment in Employee Happiness

We have developed a cultural framework that serves as our guiding principle for building the perfect business model. Committed to growing our company the SGM Way, through culture and action, we believe that extraordinary experiences come from extraordinary people. We work very hard to make sure that all employees are happy. From career development training to employee appreciation events, we invest in our team members and want them to know that Schill is a place where they can learn, develop, and have fun.

Schill landscaper cutting down tree

Schill landscaper watering plants at commercial property

People-Focused Culture

Culture is an integral part of business, and it all starts with your purpose — why you are in business. Culture isn’t just saying you value your employees. It's about making efforts to engage employees and welcome them as part of our team and larger purpose. We have spent considerable time building a culture focused on people. No matter which company we partner with, understanding the organization and its culture — and whether it’s in line with ours — is critical to the success of our acquisitions.


Ready to Start the Conversation?

If you’re ready to take the first step in partnering with a leading commercial landscaping provider and continuing your legacy, fill out the form and we’ll reach out to connect.

Not quite ready? Read more about our partnerships.

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