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Why you should only have 1 year-round grounds maintenance provider

Here on the Schill blog, we’ve written a lot about what makes a great landscape maintenance provider, and what makes an exceptional snow removal contractor, but we’ve rarely talk about how the two interact with one another.

We’re happy to work just as your landscaping contractor, or as the guys who remove your snow and ice, but we firmly believe that there are benefits for property managers and owners in keeping one contractor to handle your landscaping and snow removal needs all year round.

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How much does landscape maintenance cost?

Landscape maintenance contracts can be notoriously complex. With different companies charging different prices for different services, many contractors profit by keeping customers in the dark about the services they provide. Here at Schill Grounds Management, we pride ourselves on transparency and educating our potential clients about what we do so they can make informed decisions. That’s why our Landscape Maintenance hiring guide is one of our most circulated resources.

So, in that same spirit of education, we set out to write this article on the cost of landscape maintenance because we know it can be difficult to make accurate comparisons across different providers. But before we get into prices, here are some caveats:

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What to expect from your snow removal contractor during a snow storm

One of the most popular questions we hear from potential clients is: what happens during a snow storm? How do we communicate with crews and monitor storms?

What that tells us is that people are often familiar with what snow and ice removal involves, but they’re curious to know how it gets done.

We get it. You’re investing a lot into whatever snow management solution you choose, and you want to know how it works. It’s important to note that even though every snow and ice management contractor is going to do things a bit differently, our ISO certification requires that we’re constantly reviewing and improving how we do things to maximize performance, service, and efficiency. What that said, this article is going to be very Schill focused, but we hope that it sheds some light on how your property might be serviced during a typical snow storm.

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4 things to look for in a Landscape Maintenance Provider

Your customers are judging. People are watching. They’re making decisions about whether to pull into your entrance, or if they should spend time shopping and dining on your property.

They might even be deciding whether your business looks like a great place to work. Your landscape truly is the first impression, and there’s a lot involved in making your Ohio commercial property a desirable place to live, work or shop.

If you bring on a mow-and-go contractor, you’ll get what you pay for and even risk losing customers and tenants. There’s a lot of stake when you partner with a grounds management provider to maintain your property.

What you need is a professional firm that holds industry certifications and has a track record for success. The problem is, how do you find out if the landscape company you’re considering is a true, quality provider?

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Watering Plants in summer: Myths and Misconceptions That Will Kill Your Landscape

Summer is a wonderful season here in Northeast Ohio, from the shining shores of Lake Erie and the vibrant farmers markets that pop up, to the many fairs and festivals that pepper the region—there’s so much to see and do during this time of year. But it’s easy to neglect your landscape during all that excitement, and summer is when landscapes are neediest.

Here at Schill, we service hundreds of properties throughout all four seasons, but because the summer heat takes a special toll on plants, we decided to make this list of common misconceptions people have about watering plants during the summer months. Avoid making these mistakes to keep your plants healthy.

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4 Startling Reasons to Reduce Your Synthetic Fertilizer Use Immediately

As sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices become an increasing concern for people and businesses alike, many are beginning to take a closer look at products that used to be common place. In the landscaping industry, this couldn’t be truer than for synthetic fertilizers.

Beginning over 90 years ago, the Green Revolution allowed for greater crop yields due to the introduction of synthetic fertilizers all over the world. It’s only recently, however, that researchers and concerned citizens have begun to discover the unfortunate effects that using such chemicals on soil can have on plants and animals alike—humans included.

At Schill Grounds Management, we consider ourselves to be stewards of the environment because we work so closely with the land. We know that if used improperly, the products we use can cause great harm to the places so many people live, work, and play.

Because we care so much for the environment, we wrote this short article about why we think more property managers and owners are switching from synthetic to organic fertilizers.

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What does a commercial snow removal contract include?

We like to have fun throughout the year, but here at Schill Grounds Management, we take snow and ice very seriously. During the winter, we know that safety is your primary concern for the HOA, apartment, or commercial property you manage.

Ice that is removed too late or incorrectly can cause injury to people and possessions, whether it’s cars skidding in a parking lot or shoppers slipping on sidewalks. Fortunately, as one of the few ISO certified snow removal companies in Ohio, the Schill team knows all about the best practices and procedures for combating winter weather in a safe and timely matter.

But over the years, discussing winter weather solutions with hundreds of property managers has made us realize how difficult snow removal contracts can be for the average person to understand. So, because we like to provide answers, we wrote this outline to help property managers make sense of them.

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What's Included in a Commercial Landscaping Contract?

Understanding commercial landscaping contracts can be difficult, whether you’re looking for corporate landscaping, HOA landscape maintenance, or apartment landscaping. In fact, that’s why our guide to Landscape Maintenance Pricing is our most popular free resource.

Never ones to shy away from tough questions, we created an outline of all the services that can be potentially included in every contract so that property managers might understand them better.

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When NOT to Mow Your Turf

Here at Schill, our crews mow over 11,000 times per year on the retail, HOA, apartment, and commercial properties we manage. Needless to say, we know a lot about proper mowing techniques, including the best type of mower for every property and how to identify and treat common tuft diseases.

But sometimes there are days when we choose not to service our scheduled properties. If you’re a customer of ours, you know we like to send out emails when the weather is particularly nasty (leave us some feedback here if you’d like to be added to that mailing list). This isn’t because our crews are afraid of getting wet (though slipping on wet turf is a possibility), but because mowing in conditions like heavy rain can actually cause serious harm to your turf.

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Liquid Deicer vs. Salt: What’s best for removing ice from commercial properties?

Getting rid of snow and ice on your commercial property isn’t as simple as it used to be, whether you manage an HOA, apartment building, or a retail facility. The need to increase safety is also higher than ever, with insurance companies taking a much closer look at how vulnerable a property is due to potential slip and fall lawsuits. For this reason, it’s important for property managers to have full confidence that their snow removal contractor is working efficiently.

Here at Schill, we take pride in finding the most effective products to combat ice on the commercial properties we service. There are hundreds of different products (and blends of products) used to melt ice: from bulk salt, to brine—which is essentially liquid salt, to liquid deicer (which comes in many varieties itself). So, when it comes time for property managers to discuss their options with their commercial snow removal contractor, it’s understandable that the choices can seem a bit overwhelming.

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