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Schill Acquires GrassCor to Expand Service in Cincinnati and Dayton | Schill

Posted by Schill Grounds Management on Feb 14, 2023 10:30:00 AM
Schill Grounds Management

CINCINNATI, OHIO — FEBRUARY 14, 2023 — Schill Grounds Management is expanding its coverage in Cincinnati through the acquisition of GrassCor, a landscape management and snow and ice removal company that serves the Cincinnati and Dayton markets.

Based in the northern part of Cincinnati in Blue Ash, Ohio, GrassCor offers comprehensive grounds management, landscaping and winter services for commercial clients.

GrassCor was owned by Alex Sulfsted, and over the past 12 years he has grown the business by expanding to multiple locations around Cincinnati and Dayton. GrassCor has about 100 employees, most of whom will remain with Schill, and they serve over 300 clients across the region.

GrassCor was Schill’s eighth acquisition in less than three years, and expands its service area in Cincinnati to complement its previous acquisitions of Grounds Elite, Fredericks Landscaping, and Ward + Thornton Landscapes. Schill is actively seeking additional acquisitions throughout the Midwest and Great Lakes region, and in the Toronto area in Canada.

“GrassCor is a natural fit for the Schill family of companies, with a culture of integrity similar core values of being employee-centered and customer-focused,” said Jerry Schill, CEO of Schill Grounds Management and founder of the company nearly 30 years ago. “Partnering with GrassCor allows us to provide better coverage and enhanced services in Cincinnati and Dayton — and throughout the Upper Midwest. We are very excited to welcome the GrassCor team.”

Sulfsted will continue to lead GrassCor’s team. Schill’s model is to develop an “owner’s network” that keeps former owners closely involved in running the business while providing strategic recommendations and sharing best practices among the Schill group of companies.

“We are thrilled to be joining forces with Schill because their values are exactly what we believe in here at GrassCor,” said Sulfsted. “We look forward to continuing to lead the GrassCor team and providing exceptional support and quality service to clients in southern Ohio for many years to come as we grow.”

The addition of GrassCor complements Schill’s previous acquisitions, which include:

  • TLC in London and Toronto in Canada
  •  Grounds Elite in Cincinnati
  • Enviroscapes in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia
  • Ward + Thornton Landscapes in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky
  • Fredericks Landscaping in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky
  • Ohio Valley Group in Cleveland
  • McCoy Landscape Services in Columbus and Marion


Schill Grounds Management is a leading provider of year-round landscaping and snow and ice removal services for multi-family, retail, office, mixed-use, healthcare and industrial properties of all sizes located in the Upper Midwest.  The Company, which is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, was founded in 1993 by Jerry Schill, who still serves as the Company’s President and CEO.  Over the last three decades, Schill has grown to 21 branches, and services over four thousand properties across Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Canada. In 2020, Argonne Capital Group, LLC made a majority investment in Schill as part of a strategic plan to consolidate the fragmented commercial landscaping industry. To learn more, please visit schilllandscaping.com

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