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The Top 7 Signs it’s Time to Switch Your Landscaping Company

Posted by Jerry Schill on May 4, 2022 12:27:43 PM
Jerry Schill
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overgrown greenery on commercial propertyChances are, if you’re considering switching your commercial landscaping company, you’ve already seen some red flags with your existing provider. Commercial landscaping can be complex. Between the sporadic weather changes and the local plant and insect knowledge required to achieve a healthy landscape, you need a partner that pays attention to the details. 

Those details add up to achieve one thriving, beautiful property. If you’re not confident that your property is being taken care of the way it should be, it’s time to consider other commercial landscapers. Here are the top signs it’s time to switch your landscaping company.

They Don’t Provide Consistent Service

How often your commercial landscaper comes to visit your property is indicative of their dedication and commitment. Imagine the difference between monthly vs weekly services to mow the lawn and pull weeds. These things will get out of control very quickly if they are not regularly maintained. 

As a commercial property manager, you want to present a professional and welcoming image to your clients. An overgrown, weed-infested lawn is not attractive. If your landscaper is vague about how often they plan on visiting or is simply too busy to commit to a regular schedule, it may be time to look for another company.

They Don’t Provide Suggestions for Improvement

A reliable landscaper should be able to provide suggestions for improvement after an onsite visit to your property.

Whether you need to repair your irrigation system or treat diseased trees, you’ll benefit from a landscaper who takes a proactive approach to maintain your property, rather than waiting until a costly problem festers.

They Don’t Communicate

When a landscaper arrives at your property, they should never just “mow and go.” They should check in with you to let you know they are there, and discuss areas that require special attention. In addition, it’s a red flag if your landscaper doesn’t have a system for getting feedback from you. You should be able to communicate requests and complaints, see that your landscaper has received them, and know when they are addressed.

Here at Schill Grounds Management, our professional property managers conduct weekly or monthly consultations with our clients. We walk through their properties, get their feedback, offer ideas for improving their properties, and address any potential problems. We also have a Customer Experience Form that allows our clients to communicate with us 24/7.

They Aren’t Specialized

It’s easy for landscaping companies to fall into the trap of trying to provide every type of service for every type of customer, especially when they are still developing. If your current landscaper claims to be an expert at it all, you should be skeptical. 

We discovered long ago that focusing on the types of properties that we can provide the highest levels of service would allow us to achieve the greatest levels of customer satisfaction. As a result, we’ve become experts on the unique needs of commercial property managers and owners. We know how to provide experiences that give our commercial clients a significant advantage over their competition, allowing them to attract the type of clients, tenants, and employees they want.

They Aren’t Environmentally Responsible

Weeds are problematic for every lawn and need to be regularly controlled. A good landscaper will be familiar with the types of local weeds growing in the area and know the best ways to get rid of them with minimal harm to surrounding plants. The type of herbicides used is important to consider, especially if young children and pets will be playing on the grass. Ask your commercial landscaper about the type of herbicide they use. Does it also contain pesticides and insecticides? The use of pesticides and insecticides should be limited to an as-needed basis as they contain a myriad of chemicals that are harmful to people and surrounding foliage.

They Aren’t Connected in the Landscaping Industry

Leaders in top-performing companies often have one thing in common: they never stop looking for ways to improve. Even within the commercial landscaping industry, there are hundreds of ways to do that, but the most common is to become connected with any of the myriad local and national professional organizations that cater to landscape maintenance companies.

Commercial Landscaping Professionals at Accredited Snow Contractor Association Meeting

Staying connected with local vendors and specialists in the industry not only helps landscapers obtain the best products for their clients, but communicating with other landscaping businesses both locally and nationally also helps them keep a pulse on where the industry is headed. This ensures that they’re at the forefront of using the most advanced technology and practices to better serve their customers.

Schill is a member of the Accredited Snow Contractor Association (ASCA), the Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association (ONLA), the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP, formerly PLANET), and the Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA), just to name a few.

They Aren’t Certified

One great way for a company to show that they’re working to learn and improve is to gain certifications. However, all programs are not created equal, as they each require different amounts of coursework and examinations. So if you see a certification that you don’t understand, make sure to ask a few questions about what was involved in obtaining it. 

  • How many employees participated in getting certified? 
  • Who within the staff is certified? 
  • Will they be working on your property regularly?

Each of these questions will help you understand the direct impact these certifications will have on your property. 

Icons Showing Schill Grounds Management’s Commercial Landscaping Expertise

In 2016, Schill became the 22nd company in the country to become ISO certified and just the second in the state of Ohio. This certification requires that we have processes in place to quickly respond to snow-related service requests and issues, and also that we follow up with our customers to make sure they're satisfied with our service.

Is it Time to Make a Switch? 

If you’ve experienced any of these signs firsthand, it’s time to make a switch. You deserve a commercial landscaper who will partner with you to achieve a healthy, attractive property for your tenants, shoppers, employees, or residents. For a FREE onsite analysis, call us at (440) 652-8031 to find out how our team of experienced commercial landscaping professionals can work for you.

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