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What’s the Approximate Cost for Quality Paver Patio Installation in Marion, Oh?

Posted by Schill Grounds Management on May 18, 2020 10:57:00 AM
Schill Grounds Management

Taking advantage of your home’s outdoor space is a no brainer, and one of the best ways to do so while also seeing a very healthy return on your investment is to install a stone patio. This solution not only increases the value of your home, but provides a great foundational base for dozens of outdoor living activities like for example: seating and enjoying the sun, cooking, dining, or even exercising just to name a few.

Regardless of whether you’re planning to create an entirely new space or looking to further develop your existing patio into a more beautiful area both for yourself and your family, there’s a great variety of options that need to be factored in before actually setting a budget and reaching out to local landscaping companies to get estimates.

Best Pavers For All Patio Sizes

 The size of the space will definitely play a factor in your decision and eventual budget. In order to properly determine the size of your project, it’s best to start thinking about all the potential uses. For example, a simple patio well-equipped for dining a party of 6 or more people, must comfortably fit a big enough table, chairs as well as some residual space to walk around the table (give or take 160 square feet). On the other hand if you would prefer to have our team carry out a paver patio installation in Marion, OH that provides space for both cooking and dining, you’re better off planning for an area that’s approximately 280-380 square feet. How big or small your patio will end up being will determine not only the amount of material that has to be used, but also how much excavation would be needed.

Diligent Planning

Going beyond patio size, there’s a plethora of other factors to take into consideration like for example drainage and ease of access, electricity, land grades, excavation needs and other materials. Sometimes, and more often than not in harder-to-reach work sites, material staging impacts overall patio installation costs. Thankfully for you, your options are endless. Our team offers some of the best pavers for patio, and our work is widely celebrated as some of best paver patio in Delaware. Pavers are usually made out of natural stone or concrete and you can expect to pay anywhere from $3,500 to $13,000 for a medium to large patio, depending on your preferences.

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