What makes working for or with Schill Grounds Management such a special experience?

The answer is the "SGM Way," is a list of 34 behaviors we continuously instill in all Schill team members, from our new hires to our President. It isn't a list to memorize or just a bunch of words that go up on a wall. When internalized, they remind us all how to be better problem solvers, team players, and people.

Here's our president Jerry Schill talking a bit about how these fundamentals make a big difference for Schill and our clients:


The 34 "fundamentals" that make up the SGM Way:

1. Do the right thing, always.
2. Follow up on everything.
3. Deliver legendary service.
4. Practice blameless problem solving.
5. Take ownership.
6. Honor your committments.
7. Listen generously.
8. Speak straight.
9. Make quality personal. 
10. Think "team first."
11. Pay attention to the details
12. Be relentless about continuous improvement.
13. Work on yourself
14. Embrace change.
15. Deliver results.
16. Practice safety first.
17. Teach and lead others.
18. "Bring it" everyday.
19. Be proactive
20. Think and act like an owner.
21. Walk in your customer's shoes.
22. Be a fanatic about response time.
23. Get clear on expectations.
24. Check the ego at the door.
25. Celebrate success.
26. Protect and promote our reputation.
27. Contribute to the community.
28. Collaborate.
29. Always remember that we're a family.
30. Reduce or eliminate waste.
31. Assume positive intent.
32. Always ask why.
33. Protect the environment.
34. Keep things fun.


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